Wooden Hut

About Us

“Art and love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.”
― Chuck Klosterman

2 experienced roadies from Long Beach, California walk into a bar..... This can go in many directions, comedy for sure, but what if a different creative spark arises? Such is the reality of Ninjaraffe LLC. 

We have worked the live concert production circuit for decades in roles ranging from instrument technicians, sound engineers, lighting designers, software playback engineers, tour/ production managers, and of course, performers. All while returning back to our hometown of Long Beach, California and continuing our other careers as recording artists, music producers, studio musicians, composers, photographers, graphic, and fashion designers. 

We are an all in one, locally grown group of misfits with endless curiosity and maddening nerd centric technical abilities. 

In these trying times we can all use a superhero... We do not know any, but we have already consulted and installed systems for bars, venues, and private residences to get live music back in a responsible manner. 

Check our site out for our designs, music tracks, and other various artistic outputs for sale.  Feel free to email us for more information... or moral support in the form of kind words.