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Compilation of Football Betting Terminology

Football betting is an attractive form of entertainment that attracts a large number of participants. Players not only satisfy their burning passion for the ball but also have the opportunity to earn money. However, successful football betting requires players to grasp basic football betting terminology. In this article, Soccer Tip Forum will compile definitions of football betting tips and share with readers various betting terms. Let's follow along!

I. Football Betting Terminology for Asian Handicap (AH) Odds

Handicap / Asian Handicap (AH): The odds offered by bookmakers for a match.

Odds: The rate or ratio used to settle betting stakes.

Over/Under: Betting on the total goals scored in a match.

Over: Betting on the team favored to win.

Under: Betting on the team given a handicap.

Win Full: Winning the entire amount placed on a bet.

Lose Full: Losing the entire amount placed on a bet.

Win Half: Winning half the amount placed on a bet.

Lose Half: Losing half the amount placed on a bet.

HT = Half Time: End of the first half of a match.

FT = Full Time: End of the entire match.

ET = Extra Time: Additional time played after FT.

PEN: Penalty shootout.

Live Betting: Placing bets while a match is in progress.

Correct Score (CS): Betting on the exact final score of a match.

Draw No Bet (DNB): Betting on a draw.

II. Football Betting Terminology for European Odds (1X2)

Simpler than Asian Handicap, European odds do not involve handicapping. Players bet on the match outcome, draw, or over/under goals. Note: European odds do not involve handicapping scores.

1X2 Odds: Betting on:

1: Home team wins.

2: Away team to win.

X: Draw.

1X: Home team wins or draws.

2X: Away team to win or draw.

III. Football Betting Terminology for Over/Under (O/U)

Over (O): Betting on the total goals scored in a match being higher than the given odds.

Under (U): Betting on the total goals scored in a match being lower than the given odds.

IV. Terminology in Online Football Betting

Easy Win: Betting confidently without worry.

All-in: Betting all capital on one match.

Bankrupt: Losing a large bet.

Failure (F): Losing a bet.

Bookie: Online football betting site.

Bet Under (BU): Betting under (under 2.5 goals).

Valuable Bet: A promising bet.

Unfavorable Bet: An unappealing bet.

Abandon Bet: Switching bets to a different team when the current one seems likely to lose. Losing Feeling (LF): Feeling like a bet is about to lose. For more strategies and insights, consider exploring Asian Handicap Tips .

Major Tournament: Refers to large football tournaments like the Bundesliga, World Cup, and Premier League.

Parlay : A type of multiple bet to reduce the percentage of winning and increase the amount won in betting.

Oxygen (O2): A bet that seems likely to lose.

Low-risk Bet: Betting near the end of the first half of a match (1.15-1.2).

Goal: A match with goals scored.

Island Out/Offshore: A player who is running out of money and about to temporarily stop online football betting.

Back on Shore: Making new money after going offshore and resuming online betting.

Abandon Bone: Passing over difficult bets.

Chew Bone: Knowing a difficult bet but still trying to hang on.

Burn Account: Clean out a betting account.

Multi-bet : Betting a sum of money on multiple matches simultaneously.

Counter Blood: Players with different opinions on a match.

Blood Clone: Players with the same match opinion.

Showhand: How much a bet is, close to the drop.

Goal: Match win.

Track / Track odds: Analyzing the match to find the highest chance of winning a bet

What are Asian Handicap Odds?

Asian Handicap (AH) odds, also known as handicap odds, originated from Hong Kong and are widely favored worldwide. Currently, Handicap odds are categorized among the primary betting options in most football matches. The attraction of Asian Handicap betting lies in its diverse range of odds, which adds excitement for players. However, this complexity also makes Asian Handicap somewhat challenging to play.

What are Asian Handicap Odds? (Illustration)

Asian Handicap odds are specific numbers set for a match. It's also known as the handicap ratio. This figure is determined based on the relative strengths of the competing teams. The stronger team, known as the favorite, gives a handicap to the weaker team by a specific number. When betting, players select a suitable handicap ratio. If the match result matches the chosen handicap ratio, the player wins.

Some Common Asian Handicap Betting Odds Today

Understanding Asian Handicap odds isn't straightforward just by reading or watching. This type of bet includes many different handicap ratios, which can sometimes lead to misunderstandings or incorrect interpretations if not fully understood.

Level Handicap (0 Draw) in Asian Handicap Betting Odds

A level handicap is offered by the most reputable bookmakers when the strengths of two teams are equal. If a player bets on either team, the winning team will win. If both teams draw, no one loses their bet. For more detailed strategies and expert advice, consider exploring buy premium soccer tips .


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