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Comprehensive Guide to Depositing Funds into M88

Depositing funds into your M88 account is a straightforward process that can be completed in just 3-5 minutes using popular payment methods such as bank transfers, ATMs, online banking, and e-wallets. This comprehensive guide win betting tips aims to provide detailed instructions on how to deposit funds into M88, ensuring simplicity and security for you.

Guide to Depositing Funds into M88:

Accessing the M88 Deposit Page:

To begin, access the M88 deposit page through the following link:

Next, log in to your registered M88 betting site account and select the "Deposit" button on the homepage to access the deposit page.

Choosing a Payment Method:

Once on the deposit page, choose a suitable deposit method that fits your preferences.

Popular Deposit Methods at M88:

M88 offers various payment methods to meet the diverse needs of its members. Depending on your preference, you can use the following methods to deposit funds into M88:

Bank transfer (ATM, Internet Banking, Direct deposit, Cash deposit), NinePay.

Online transfer: TruePay, EeziePay, WealthPay, SmartPay, FastPay.

Mobile transfer: MomoPay, OOPay, ViettelPay, QRPay.

Cryptocurrency: Tether USDT.

Cash cards: Viettel, Vinaphone, M88 code via SMS.

Detailed Instructions for Depositing Funds into M88:

Depositing Funds via Local Bank Account:

M88 supports up to 12 popular local banks, including Vietcombank, ACB, Agribank, Techcombank, Dong A Bank, Viettinbank, Sacombank, BIDV, EximBank, MartinBank, VPBank, MBank, and TPBank.

Obtaining M88 Bank Account Number:

Select "Bank Transfer" method and choose a supported payment gateway.

Choose "Create New" to receive the M88 bank account number.

Select the desired bank for the transfer.

Depositing Funds into M88 Bank Account:

Deposit funds via cash at the bank, ATM, or using Internet Banking.

Ensure to keep the transaction receipt for accurate information.

Completing M88 Deposit Confirmation:

Enter the required details accurately.

Submit the confirmation form, and M88 will process the deposit promptly.

Depositing Funds via Online Transfer:

Selecting M88 Payment Gateway:

Choose "Online Transfer" method and select a supported banking gateway.

Transferring Funds to M88:

Log in to your internet banking account to initiate the transfer.

Verify the transaction with OTP (One-Time Password) sent to your registered phone number.

Depositing Funds via Mobile Transfer (Internet Banking and E-Wallets):

Expanding on the process of choosing the M88 payment gateway and scanning the QR code for M88 transfer involves a detailed explanation of each step to ensure a smooth and error-free transaction.

Choosing M88 Payment Gateway:

When selecting the "Mobile Transfer" method on the M88 deposit page, users are presented with various supported payment gateways. These gateways may include popular e-wallets such as MomoPay, OOPay, ViettelPay, or QRPay. Each payment gateway offers its own set of features, advantages, and user interfaces.

Mobile Transfer Method Selection:

Upon choosing the "Mobile Transfer" option, users are prompted to select their preferred payment gateway from the list provided.

Consideration of Supported Gateways:

Users should consider factors such as convenience, transaction fees, processing time, and security features when selecting a payment gateway.

It's essential to choose a gateway that is compatible with the user's banking app or e-wallet and offers seamless integration for the transfer process.

User Authentication and Authorization:

Once the payment gateway is selected, users may be required to authenticate and authorize the transaction using their banking app or e-wallet credentials.

This authentication process ensures the security of the transaction and prevents unauthorized access to the user's funds.

Scanning QR Code for M88 Transfer:

After selecting the preferred payment gateway, users proceed to scan the QR code provided by M88 bookmaker meaning to initiate the transfer process.

Accessing Banking App or E-Wallet:

Users open their banking app or e-wallet on their mobile device, ensuring that it is compatible with QR code scanning functionality.

Locating QR Code Scanner:

Within the banking app or e-wallet interface, users navigate to the QR code scanning feature, typically located in the "Payments" or "Transfer" section.

Scanning the QR Code:

Using the device's camera, users scan the QR code displayed on the M88 deposit page.

It's crucial to ensure that the QR code is scanned accurately to prevent errors in the transaction.

Inputting Transaction Details:

After scanning the QR code, users are prompted to input the transaction amount and ID provided by M88.

Double-checking the inputted details ensures that the transaction amount matches the intended deposit amount, and the ID is entered correctly.

Confirmation and Authorization:

Once the transaction details are inputted correctly, users proceed to confirm and authorize the transfer within their banking app or e-wallet.

This final step completes the transaction, and the funds are transferred from the user's account to their M88 account.

By following these detailed steps for choosing the M88 payment gateway and scanning the QR code for M88 transfer, users can ensure a seamless and secure deposit experience, enabling them to enjoy the various gaming options offered by M88 with ease.


Depositing funds into M88 is a simple and secure process, offering a variety of payment methods to suit individual preferences. By following the detailed instructions provided in this guide, you can effortlessly fund your M88 account and enjoy a wide range of gaming options offered by this reputable and legal platform. Remember to adhere to the guidelines and tips outlined to ensure a smooth deposit experience and responsible gambling practices.


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