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William Campbell
William Campbell

Cara Homeopathic Software Free Download Full 24

theres also a long list of homeopathic remedies that can be divided up by botanical. the remedy is given along with an illustration or photo and a brief description. this is useful, because homeopaths have to become conversant with these remedies from time to time when considering botanical remedies for the treatment of a particular symptom. obviously you would not always be able to buy the remedy on these pages in the amounts that you need, however, if you are in the usa these remedies can be purchased from the mass homeopathic drugs corp. store in brookline, ma

Cara Homeopathic Software Free Download Full 24

theres also a french section with remedies that are more easily obtainable in france and the uk. the images and the repertory of these remedies have been obtained from a great french homeopath, dr suzanne aubriot. in addition, the article on each remedy is written by her.

if you are european this website offers a great resource for obtaining remedies not available in your area. the remedy is given along with a photo illustration and description. they are also linked to other remedies that may be appropriate for the user. also, theres a brief description of the remedy. a check box allows the user to choose whether the remedy should be added to their basket or not. if your in the usa, you can get the remedies from beverly feldman in los angeles, by phone or on line. you can be assured that she will only prescribe high-quality remedies for the customer. fortunately for our readers, we have a key developer in this area of our website, and are able to offer these remedies for free to you.


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