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Guide To Play Even-Odd Bet in Football Betting

Even-Odd betting is a term that is likely very familiar to long-time football fans. This type of bet frequently appears in high-profile international matches. Wintips will reveal all the useful information best under over 2.5 tips about this betting method to our members.

Understanding the Concept of Even-Odd Betting

Even-Odd betting, also known as E/O, requires members to accurately predict whether the total number of goals scored by both teams is an even or odd number. Because of its nature, bettors do not need to focus too much on the final score of any given match.

Therefore, no matter what decision is made, bettors always have a 50% chance of winning. However, to win a substantial amount of money, players should not rely on luck alone. Instead, employing betting strategies is a very wise decision.

What Variants of Even-Odd Bets Exist?

Currently, based on member demand, this betting method has many different variations. Thus, players can choose the most suitable type based on their experience and preferences.

E/O Bets for Teams

This betting method is quite similar to Over/Under betting, requiring members to base their predictions on the total number of goals to determine a win or loss. Instead of predicting whether the total is over or under a certain number, bettors choose whether it will be even or odd.

If a match ends with a score of 0, those who bet on even will win. In cases where the match is suspended, the bet will be voided, and the system will refund all bets to the players.

E/O Bets for Individual Teams

Members must accurately predict whether the total number of goals scored by their chosen team will be even or odd. This betting method allows you to participate in variations such as even-odd for the first half, odd-even for each team, and odd-even for the second half.

Other Variants of Even-Odd Bets

Besides the two popular methods listed above, you can also explore several other favored types:

Even-Odd Corner Bets: Players predict whether the total number of corners awarded by the referee in a match will be even or odd.

Card Betting: Members must accurately predict whether the total points from cards issued will be even or odd, with a red card valued at 2 points and a yellow card at 1 point.

Penalty Betting: Players decide whether the total number of goals in a penalty shootout will be even or odd.

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Pocket Strategies for High-Level Even/Odd Betting

Through the information provided above, you should now have a clear understanding of the basics of this exciting betting method. If you don't have much experience yet, quickly apply some of the strategies below.

Understanding the Information of the Teams

Knowing the information of the teams can somewhat help players increase their chances of winning in the even-odd bets. This is one of the secrets to always winning even-odd bets that players need to grasp. Information such as player form, head-to-head history, the number of goals scored in recent matches, starting lineups, etc., all affect the playing style and the number of goals they score. Additionally, information about the weather and the stadium also affects the players' psychology during the match.

Maintain a Stable Mindset When Placing Even-Odd Bets

When placing even-odd bets, you need to maintain a very stable mindset. This is an important factor that creates the secret to always winning even-odd bets. A stable mindset is the key to effectively analyzing football bets without making mistakes. Particularly, do not follow the crowd but have your own opinion in choosing the bets.

Some Small Tips for the Secret to Always Winning Even-Odd Bets

Even-odd bets have a high element of luck, so you should not bet a large amount of money on this type of bet. Therefore, you should only bet a small amount of money in a random manner. If you unfortunately lose, there is nothing to regret.

Bet on an even result if the two teams playing are evenly matched.

Do not place bets on even-odd bets with high payout rates.

For some historical matchups with few goals scored, usually resulting in a draw or a win-loss with a score of 1-2, players are more likely to win these bets. For matches with many goals, avoid playing even-odd bets as the exact score of the match is hard to predict.

Consider placing first-half bets in matches where both teams are strong and evenly matched; the likelihood of a 0-0 draw is higher.

Since this bet type has a high element of luck, players should only bet a small amount, just enough to avoid significant losses.

Prioritize Betting on Even/Odd in Individual Halves

If you are too busy, the perfect choice is to bet on individual halves. This will allow you to easily observe each situation and make the most appropriate adjustments to your bet slips.

Additionally, seasoned experts advise that in a match where both sides are highly rated, you should avoid betting in the first half. This is because this half can have numerous unpredictable fluctuations.

Only Consider Even/Odd Betting as a Supplementary Method

Members should not be overly concerned about winning or losing with this betting method. You can use the lowest amount of money to accumulate experience and for entertainment purposes. This will relieve you from the financial pressure during the betting process.


The above are the most useful insights we have compiled about the even/odd betting method. Members should quickly visit betting tips 1x2 app to apply all the knowledge from this article.


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