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FIFA Manager 2023: How to Download and Install the Turkish League Patch

FIFA Manager 2023: How to Download and Install the Turkish League Patch

If you are a fan of FIFA Manager 13 or FIFA Manager 14 and you want to play with the Turkish League teams in the 2022/2023 season, you are in luck. There is a mod that adds all the 18 teams of Spor Toto Super Lig to your game, along with updated rosters, kits, faces, stadiums, banners and more. The mod is called FIFA Manager 2023 and it is available for free on Mod DB[^1^]. Here is how you can download and install it:

Fifa Manager 13 Turkish League Patch Full Download


Download the following files from Mod DB[^1^]:



  • (optional)

  • (optional)

  • (optional)

  • Unzip all the files to the same folder using 7-Zip or WinRAR. You will get a folder named FIFA Manager 2023.

  • Run the setup.exe file inside the FIFA Manager 2023 folder and follow the instructions. You can choose to install the patch on a clean game or on an existing game with user graphics.

  • Enjoy playing with the Turkish League teams in FIFA Manager 2023!

Note: The Turkish League replaces the Tippeligaen (Norway) only in Career Mode. The patch also adds three new teams in Rest of World: Bate Borisov, Ukraine and Croatia. The patch supports English and Polish languages.Some of the main features of the FIFA Manager 2023 patch are:

  • Updated database with 2022/2023 squads and tournaments for all leagues and national teams.

  • Updated 2D graphics with real badges, portraits, city and stadium images, trophy pictures, tickets, minikits and loadscreens.

  • Updated 3D graphics with more than 3,000 actual 3D-kits, more than 800 3D stadiums, nearly 5,000 unique 3D faces, 3D-balls for more than 50 competitions and nearly 1,000 stadium banners.

  • Dark mode for a more enjoyable gaming experience at night.

  • World Cup mode - play World Cup 2022 with authentic squads and groups.

  • Updated Parameter Files with improved player development, changed salaries and player market values.

  • Updated statistics for leagues and cups (history files).

  • New formations (tactics) with 3, 4 and 5 defenders.

  • Updated sponsors - more than 2,500 real sponsors were added to the game, teams are connected with sponsors they have in real life, you can see sponsors on generic kits and on adboards in 3D match.

  • Team Control - control your team with gamepad or keyboard in 3D-match.

  • Windowed mode - run a game in the window without any restrictions.

  • A lot of improvements and new features (ability to choose any national team to manage at game start, unlocked game awards and achievements, bigger jersey numbers in 3d-match, better distribution of teams on regional levels, actual managers and staff for national teams, wingers score more goals and many other).

  • Fixed critical errors in original game (season transition crash (31.06), random crash at opening screens and many other).

The FIFA Manager 2023 patch is a great way to enhance your FIFA Manager experience and enjoy the latest season of football. The patch is compatible with both FIFA Manager 13 and FIFA Manager 14. You can download it for free from Mod DB and follow the simple installation steps. Have fun managing your favorite Turkish League team or any other team in the world! e0e6b7cb5c


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