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How to Use the KORG Triton Extreme Sound Library KONTAKT

How to Use the KORG Triton Extreme Sound Library KONTAKT

If you are looking for a versatile and powerful sound library for your Kontakt instrument, you might want to check out the KORG Triton Extreme Sound Library KONTAKT. This library contains over 1.8 GB of high-quality samples from the legendary KORG Triton Extreme workstation/sampler, which was introduced in 2004 and featured a wide range of acoustic and electric instruments, synth sounds, drum kits and effects.

KORG Triton Extreme Sound Library KONTAKT


The KORG Triton Extreme Sound Library KONTAKT is compatible with Kontakt 5 or higher, and offers a user-friendly interface with multiple parameters and controls. You can easily browse through the 1,344 programs, 50 drum kits and 1,280 combinations that are included in the library, and tweak them to your liking. You can also use the dual polyphonic arpeggiators, the modulation matrix and the effects section to create dynamic and expressive sounds.

The library also comes with a bonus folder of 489 arpeggiator patterns that you can load into your Kontakt instrument and use as inspiration or starting points for your own compositions. The patterns cover various genres and styles, such as trance, orchestral, vintage and more.

The KORG Triton Extreme Sound Library KONTAKT is a great way to add some classic and modern sounds to your music production. Whether you are looking for realistic guitars, pianos, organs, brass, woodwinds, choirs or synth sounds, you will find them in this library. You can also mix and match different sounds and layers to create your own unique combinations and textures.

To use the KORG Triton Extreme Sound Library KONTAKT, you will need a full version of Kontakt 5 or higher (not compatible with Kontakt Player), and at least 2 GB of free disk space. You can download the library from this website, where you can also find more information and audio demos.

The KORG Triton Extreme workstation/sampler was one of the most popular and innovative products from Korg, which has been producing high-quality musical instruments and software since 1963. The Triton Extreme combined the best features of the previous Triton models, such as the touch-screen interface, the 16-track sequencer and the sampler function, with new enhancements, such as the 160 MB of wave ROM, the valve force circuit and the USB port.

The wave ROM of the Triton Extreme contained a rich and diverse collection of samples, which were recorded at 48 kHz for optimal sound quality. The samples included acoustic and electric guitars with natural vibrato, organs with rotary speaker effects, realistic choirs and a stunning concert grand piano. The library also incorporated the entire sample sets from some of the most popular expansion boards for the Triton series, such as the Trance Attack, the Orchestral Collection and the Vintage Archives. Additionally, the library featured some of the best sounds from other expansion boards and collections, such as the Dance Extreme, the Studio Essentials and the Pianos/Classic Keyboards.

The Triton Extreme also offered a powerful synthesis engine, which allowed users to create and edit their own sounds using various parameters and filters. The synthesis engine featured two LFOs with 21 waveforms each, multiple envelope generators, a modulation matrix with 42 sources and 51 destinations, and a comprehensive effects section with 5 insert effects, 2 master effects and a master EQ. The workstation/sampler also had dual polyphonic arpeggiators with 489 patterns, which could be synchronized to the internal or external clock. 0efd9a6b88


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