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Buying A Car In December

Our recommendations are based on a combination of peer-reviewed research and opinions from experts in the field. We spoke with experts at car-shopping sites Autotrader, Edmunds and Cox Automotive about the best time to buy a car, how to negotiate the purchase price and other car-buying tips. We also scoured online articles and reviews to find out how to time your car purchase to score the best deal.

buying a car in december

As we said earlier, buying a car at the end of the year can be an opportunity for substantial savings. But if you walk in with your eyes closed you will walk out with your wallet considerably lightened. Not a happy way to start the new year. You can do better.

On average, people save up to .61% more when buying a car on a Monday than Sunday (the worst day of the week to buy a car). This could be chalked up to the fact that EVERYONE goes to buy a car on Sunday.

The car-buying experience may be different this holiday season due to Covid-19. But various dealerships and car shopping sites, including TrueCar, CarGurus (CARG) and Autotrader, are partnering on "buy from home" options.

So, when is the best time to buy a car? Well, the ideal time to buy a car is in October, November, or December because salespeople are typically racing to meet quarterly and annual quotas. Other advantageous times to save when buying a car are Mondays as well as major three-day holiday weekends and Black Friday.

Whether you need to buy ASAP or you can wait for the right season, this car-buying guide will help you find the right time to max out your savings as much as possible when buying a new or used car. Read through for all the best timing tips, or use the links below to go straight to the section that best applies to your timeline.

If you have the time to be more strategic with your vehicle purchase (visit for tips on negotiating when buying a new car), you can shop for the best deals based on day, month, and even holiday specials. For more details on how to plan for the optimal opportunity to buy your new or used car, keep reading.

It might seem unlikely that something as minor as the day of the week could impact the price of a car, but it can. The fact is that buying cars earlier in the week, specifically on Monday, is the best time to score the best deal.

Waiting for the holidays to roll around is one of the easiest ways to save when buying a car. That said, not all holidays are necessarily equal when it comes to scoring the best deal. For the biggest savings, you should shop on the following holidays:

Should buyers end up buying cars in December 2020 or in January 2021? Let us answer this question that has troubled many people and come to a conclusion. This article might just help you decide what is best for you.

There are multiple reasons as to why buying a car in December of any year is a reasonably practical choice. Quite a few factors do point out towards the fact that the December month generally favours the customers more than the dealership. Upfront savings - It is observed that savings of nearly 6-15% can be gained when a customer buys a car during the month of December. Such savings are even more as you move up the segment to buy a car. The lower the cost you pay upfront, the lesser depreciation hit you will have to take. This becomes even more crucial when you look to keep your car for the long term.

Extended Warranties - Many times, in order to incentivise the customers for buying the older stock during the month of December, manufacturers offer extended warranties for free. Some of these stretch to as much as 6 years which in turn ensures better peace of mind for the customer.

Lack of discounts - We all love to buy things on discount. Be it anything. However, dealers are very picky when it comes to discounts or freebies during January. This is one of the downsides of buying a car in January.Getting fewer features - Certain brands are well known when it comes to removing features. Hence there is a strong chance that you might end up with a car that has got lesser features than a similar car of the previous year. Such kind of experiences may cause a feeling of guilt to creep into your mind.

Lesser add-ons - Usually while clearing stocks, dealers offer add-ons like freebies and extended warranties. But this is not the case when a person is buying a car not under the scheme. In this case, warranties are limited and the customer is made to pay for things like floor mats etc.

Buying a car during stock clearances ideally benefits those who want to keep a car for a very long period. Such people ideally want to have something that can fit all their needs without stretching their budget. Such cars are generally not great for short term purposes due to poor resale. However, some people don't really keep cars for long. For them buying a fresher stock is better due to its better resale value. Thus buying cars in December or January caters to two completely different target audiences.

Will you be buying cars in December or in January? Let us know in the comments section. Do join our 91Wheels Auto Enthusiast Telegram group to be a part of interesting automotive discussions. Further, subscribe to our YouTube channel for more such amazing motoring updates.

Buying a car is a major expense. There are many tips out there for negotiating, choosing and buying the right car, but the time of year you go car shopping could also have a major influence on the price. So what is the best month to buy a car? Our experts are here to answer all of your questions.

Leasing is generally a bad financial decision compared to buying cars, but your credit score affects car leasing as well. The numbers work a bit differently to lease a car behind the scenes, but you may be able to save on a lease with some of the strategies above.

It doesn't matter if you're thinking about buying a new car, pre-owned truck, family-friendly SUV, or a fuel-efficient hybrid. Toyota dealers have many deals and incentives designed to fit your lifestyle and budget. Select your state to get started.

What makes this data so useful is that it is compiled from actual purchase data. You will notice that the average discount in December is almost 1% more than the discounts given in January. If you are planning to buy a car towards the end of one year or the beginning of the next year, you will probably be better off buying in December.

Make sure to read our new car buying guide and learn everything you need to know to negotiate a great deal. When you combine our tips with buying in December, you can really put a dent in the cost of your new car.

Lyle's expertise and research played a vital role during the creation of in 1999 after years of industry research. He carefully observed every aspect of his own car buying experience as the internet began to take a foothold in the process. He also designed the site to make sure that consumers had easy access to the best consumer advocate education.

These offers can be tricky to wade through but may add up to significant savings. The car buying experts at Cartelligent are here to make sure you have a great experience getting a fantastic deal on the car you want.

There's a tried and tested car buying philosophy that says that waiting to purchase a car later in the month or at the end of the year, can result in a buyer getting the best deal as dealerships scramble to hit target sales numbers.

Carvana was buying cars hand over fist during the pandemic to meet rising demand from buyers who wanted to travel exclusively by car and were interested in buying cars when new car supply was dwindling due to parts shortages and COVID-related factory shutdowns.

The big question now is for the Carvana and Vrooms of the world is whether the online car-buying business model is sustainable. Even though the service is still popular, it could just be too cost intensive to become profitable. 041b061a72


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