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What Is Asian Handicap? – Accurate Tips for Analyzing Asian Handicap Bets

Asian Handicap, a popular type of football betting, might be unfamiliar to beginners or those who have never played it before. It's considered an intriguing type of bet that can yield high rewards in a short period. Let's delve into the details of this type of bet with

What Is Asian Handicap?

Many bettors might not understand what Asian Handicap is. This type of betting is quite common and is offered directly by betting companies while matches are ongoing. Players can place bets during this time.

This is similar to other popular betting types such as full-match betting or football betting. Despite offering low odds, this type of bet can yield substantial returns, which is why many players favor it. Some see it as an opportunity to quickly recover their investment.

When Does Asian Handicap Betting Start?

Asian Handicap betting in football is calculated from the start of the match until its end. Whether it's corner kicks or goals scored, there are numerous opportunities to earn money by betting on both over and under outcomes.

Asian Handicap betting starts when the ball is kicked off, but the optimal time to bet is not necessarily right at kickoff. So, when is the best time to bet on Asian Handicap? According to experts, the easiest way to win is from the beginning of the first half until midway through the second half.

First Half: Bet after 10-15 minutes of play to assess the initial match conditions and the form of both teams.

Midway through the Second Half: This is the best time to predict outcomes. Place bets between the 60th and 65th minutes.

How to Interpret Asian Handicap Odds in Football?

Different betting websites offer different odds. Moreover, betting acceptance varies within the same time frame. Therefore, it's crucial to thoroughly research the betting platform you intend to use. Explore and experience carefully before starting.

Because Asian Handicap betting is inherently unstable and can be easily rejected, once you have a sound strategy, participate in the game without overthinking it. Your betting rejection at this point will not depend on the bookmaker websites.

What Are the Expert Tips for Analyzing Asian Handicap Bets?

Asian Handicap betting is considered one of the bets that can significantly increase a player's chances of winning against betting companies. However, without knowing how to approach it, this type of bet can be challenging. Let's explore some effective tips for analyzing Asian Handicap bets:

Bet on Specific Types of Asian Handicap Bets: There are various types of Asian Handicap bets, and you can double your winning chances by focusing on specific types.

Bet on Over/Under Handicap: Start by betting under when there are fewer than 1 goal scored in the first half and switch to over when there are more than 2 goals scored in the first half.

Corner Kick Handicap: In the first half, bet on left corner kicks. Restart if you haven't had a left corner kick within the first 8 minutes. Bet down if you haven't had any left corner kicks within the first 8 minutes.

Handicap Betting: Depending on the attacking situation of the teams, you can adjust your handicap odds appropriately. Therefore, it's best to bet on the full match or at the beginning of the second half.

How to Choose the Right Matches for Asian Handicap Bets?

Friendly matches often have unexpected outcomes and irregular scores, so it's best to avoid them. Moreover, because performance is paramount, most players cannot give their all, making it difficult to predict outcomes.

Limit the Number of Asian Handicap Bets per Day

Although Asian Handicap bets offer high rewards, limiting yourself to 2-3 bets per day allows for more accurate analysis and proper attention to betting. Doing so ensures you have more time to analyze your game.


With the information shared in this article, you should now understand what Asian Handicap betting is and some of the most effective tips for analyzing it. We hope the knowledge we've provided brings you exciting experiences and victories when participating in wintips.

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