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Kore Player Key Generator 2

Food is one of the most important items in the game which can be obtained naturally throughout the world while exploring or grown/harvested from the player's own farm. Various crops can provide various benefits to the player such as health regeneration, speed etc.

Kore Player Key Generator 2

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In Pokémon Sword and Shield, curries can be prepared in the player's Pokémon Camp, which can be accessed from the menu. Curry can be cooked by up to four players in a mini-game, similarly to Pokéblocks and Poffins in the Generation III and IV games, respectively. Cooking with other players will increase the amount of Experience Points earned.

Using the A Button or by waving the Joy-Con up and down, the player can fan the fire. The fire will be too small if the player does not fan enough, but if they fan too much, the flame will get too big and burn the curry. Sparkles appear when the player is fanning correctly.

Using the Left or Right Control Stick or by waving the Joy-Con in a circle, the player can stir the pot. If the player stirs too slowly, it will burn, but if the player stirs too quickly, it will spill. Sparkles appear when the player is stirring correctly.

Using the A Button or by waving the Joy-Con in a throwing motion, the player can throw a heart-ball into the curry. The curry will be better if this is timed so that the heart-ball lands in the circle when the yellow ring overlaps with the innermost green circle. If the player is cooking with three others, and all four manage to hit the inner green circle, a cutscene will play in which all four hearts combine into a larger heart, causing a geyser to erupt from the pot.

Each player can contribute up to 10 Berries, but must contribute at least one. The amount of friendship and experience the curry provides depends on the rarity of the key Ingredient and Berries used, and how many Berries were used.[1] Friendship gained is "half of the total berry rarity, rounded up to the nearest whole number", while experience gained is "6 x Ingredient Rarity + Total Berry Rarity".(This caps out at 50, with a multiplier applied based on the Pokémon's current level, and the Taste Rating.)

The player may also add a key ingredient, although this is optional. Key ingredients are exclusively used to make curry and can be collected in the Wild Area. They are stored in the Ingredients Pocket of the Bag. Only one key ingredient can be used per curry; when cooking with other players, the host chooses the key ingredient. The key ingredient determines the type of curry created.

If curry is cooked in any area that has land wild encounters in mainland Galar except the Wild Area, there is a chance that a wild Pokémon may appear and request to join the player, provided that they have at least one Poké Ball, Great Ball, or Ultra Ball in their Bag. This Pokémon directly joins the player without a battle. Pokémon cannot be encountered this way in the Wild Area, Isle of Armor, or Crown Tundra.

If the player accepts the Pokémon's request to join, the Pokémon will automatically enter one of three Poké Balls in the player's Bag: Poké Ball, Great Ball (if the player has no Poké Balls), or Ultra Ball (if the player has no Poké or Great Balls).

Unlike Shiny Pokémon already owned by the player, Shiny Joining Pokémon will briefly show the sparkle effect when they approach the player, similar to the effect shown had they been encountered in the wild, or hatched from an Egg.

After cooking curry, one of the Pokémon in the Pokémon Camp may give the player an item. The player's Pokémon may give the player an item if their friendship is at level 1 or higher; other Trainer's Pokémon may give the player an item if they have high sociability.

There are 151 kinds of curries, which are cataloged in the Curry Dex (Japanese: カレー図鑑 illustrated curry encyclopedia). It records the player's best taste rating for a given kind of curry, the key ingredient, as well as the location, date, and Pokémon it was first cooked with. Depending on the Pokémon, the size of its portion will vary. The descriptions written in it are done by a character that, according to Shigeru Ohmori, looks like Ken Sugimori.[5]

The number of unique curries cooked will be displayed in the Curry Dex, as well as on the back of the player's League Card. If the player successfully cooks all 151 variations of Curry, speaking to the Camping King in East Lake Axewell outside of Motostoke will allow the player to swap out their cooking utensils for golden versions.

What are the needs of a keyboard player today? Probably one of the most important is being able to take advantage of all the available technology, without reading having to read many manuals or spending hours watching YouTube tutorials. Someone has chosen for setups entirely composed of virtual instruments but complains about the lack of a certain feeling and reliability during the execution.

You may not always know if an item has a magnet in it. However, if you use household items as they are intended, and they are properly maintained, they should have no effect on your heart device. This includes microwaves, kitchen appliances, cordless phones, radios, televisions, video games, CD players, hair dryers, electric shavers, electric toothbrushes, electric blankets, leaf blowers, lawn mowers, garage door openers, computers, and small shop tools.

The Witch is a Special Infected that is not initially hostile and is always found in a dormant sitting or slow walking state. However, if startled or attacked, she can instantly incapacitate, or even kill, a player. She is also the only non-playable Special Infected.

Killing a Witch is not always required, as players can use various strategies to avoid her, or simply wait for her to wander to an obscure location in daylight. However, she can appear in locations where players must kill her in order to proceed, especially during the night.

In Versus, non-Tank infected players claw the Witch once upon spotting a Survivor, upon which she becomes near enraged. Due to the short time between this state and becoming startled, the Witch will almost immediately attack. Witches are very sensitive to flashlights, and shining one on a Witch will enrage her faster and startle her from four times as far away as merely standing next to her does.

Against other Infected, she deals around 250 damage. However, this usually is a result of the Witch's aggression glitching out and targeting the Infected player who attacked her. She can also destroy most doors and walls with a single swipe, apart from saferoom and other special doors.

She serves as the "Crescendo" event of The Riverbank, sitting outside the steps by the gazebo. There is a sound system near the tent that can be interacted with. Upon activating it, it will play music, which this Witch seems to dislike. She will get angrier over time, before exploding and attacking the player who turned on the sound system, regardless of how far they are. Upon being startled or killed, a horde will descend on the team.

A very efficient way to remove a Witch without her attacking anyone is to ignite her on fire but go idle before the fire hits her. The Witch attacks based on the Survivor's ID (player and bots are different). Because the Survivor that ignites her will have gone idle, removing their ID, the Witch cannot find the igniter and will instead believe that they are missing from the game. It is recommended to bind a key (Bind ''go_away_from_keyboard '') since using the menu key don't give enough time. This tactic is considered cheating by most players (and hence Idle function is disabled in Versus mode).

The achievement "Cr0wned" is awarded for killing a Witch with a single shot from any shotgun. Despite the implication in the name and common FPS logic, it is actually inadvisable to aim for her head: the back presents a much easier target. As the Witch has 1000 health points and a shotgun blast does just slightly over that, every pellet from the shotgun must hit the Witch or she will only be startled (if the player is using a tier 1 shotgun they will not have time to fire a second killing shot before the Witch can incapacitate or kill them). The easiest way to do this is to walk up behind the Witch, wait for her to stand up (to give you a bigger target), and fire at point-blank just before she startles. However, on higher difficulties, a single shot may not deal enough damage if aimed at her back, resulting in her incapacitating/killing you before she dies. On difficulty above Normal, though, a headshot is essential for killing her in one shot. At non-realism Expert, all the pellets from a shell are required to land on her head in order to kill her.

Many players use "crown" as a verb, meaning simply to kill the Witch with a shotgun before she can attack anyone. This includes conditions that would not result in the achievement being awarded, such as killing her with two quick shots from an automatic shotgun, a much easier proposition. Sometimes, if the Witch is cr0wned via headshot and she sees it, the game will state that she was startled.

To execute this tactic, the player first needs a melee weapon that has a high attack rate (Tonfa and Machete are preferred. But Katana, Cricket Bat and Baseball Bat are also fine). Next, the player has to walk behind Witch and starts swinging their melee whilst jumping. Doing so allows the player to dodge the first strike from Witch. The player can then kill the Witch with ease since she won't be able to strike again due to the high attack rate of said melee weapon. The player also needs to make sure they are standing on flat ground, as jumping on slopes will very likely to cause the player to move away and thus get attacked by Witch.

In Realism, an enraged witch is not able to instantly destroy a closed-door like in the regular campaign, nor can she have the sanity to open it like a human. A player can simply startle the witch and hide behind a closed door, have the teammate's melee attack her while she is trying to destroy the door, at the same rate of a common infected. 350c69d7ab


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