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What Does Handicap 1 Draw Mean? A Detailed Guide on How to Place Bets

What Handicap 1 Draw means may not be fully understood by everyone when they first start betting. Therefore, a detailed answer will be provided in the following article by to help newcomers quickly grasp it and reap long-term rewards.

What does Handicap 1 Draw mean?

The Handicap 1 Draw or Asian Handicap 1 market is often encountered on the dropping odds strategy board system of the Wintips bookmaker. Matches that are perceived to have a significant difference in the level of the two teams are usually offered with this handicap. Accordingly, the favorite team will be handicapped by giving a one-goal advantage to the opposing team.

Despite the considerable difference between the two sides, determining the team with a high probability of winning still relies on the analysis skills and experience of each bettor. Therefore, relying solely on luck to achieve the desired victory through betting can be challenging.

Update on how to read and calculate odds for Handicap 1 Draw

Through the above section, players may have somewhat understood what Handicap 1 Draw means. However, if you want a deeper understanding of this type of bet, do not overlook the following explanation on how to read and calculate wins and losses:

Specific ways to interpret Handicap 1 Draw

The Handicap 1 market on Wintips will include the following important factors to remember:

Bet Name: Handicap Bet.

Betting Time: Full match or first half.

Match Time: Detailed information is provided in the first column, including the specific date and time, and if the match is ongoing, the score and minutes played.

Team Names:

The home team is listed above, while the away team is listed below.

In cases where both teams play on neutral ground, there is an additional symbol "N", with the stronger team listed above and the weaker team listed below.

The favorite team is displayed in red, while the underdog team is displayed in black or green.

The bet section consists of 2 columns:

Left column: Represents the Handicap 1.

Right column: Corresponding odds for each winning outcome, displayed horizontally alongside that outcome.

Win-lose scenarios for Handicap 1

The Handicap 1 Draw is similar to other Handicap 1/1.5 odds, dividing into different scenarios for determining tip for win and losses based on the match result as follows:

If the announced match result shows a difference of two goals or more in favor of the favorite team, then the winnings are fully paid out to those who bet on the favorite team, while those who bet on the underdog team lose their bets.

When the score difference created by the favorite team is only one goal at the end of the match, then it results in a draw, and all valid bets are refunded.

In the event that the underdog team manages to draw or win against the favorite team at the end of the match, those who bet on the underdog team will win, while those who bet on the favorite team will lose their bets.

Detailed calculation methods

In Handicap 1 corner betting strategy, there is no situation where winning half and losing half occurs; instead, there is either a complete win or a complete loss. Therefore, the calculation method follows these formulas:

Full win amount = Initial capital x win odds (positive numbers are multiplied by the corresponding odds of the winning outcome; negative numbers are multiplied by odds of 1.0).

Full loss amount = Initial capital x loss odds (negative numbers are multiplied by the odds of the winning outcome; positive numbers are multiplied by odds of 1.0).

Understanding Handicap 1 Draw through specific examples

The theory has been detailed above, but if you still don't understand, the specific example below will help you:

In a match between Yokohama F Marinos and Kashiwa Reysol in the J League 1, the handicap odds provided by Wintips are 1.0. The factors displayed on the odds board include:

Bet Name: HF Handicap Bet

Time: 02:00 on June 10th

Participating Teams:

Yokohama F Marinos: The home team, listed above, and displayed in red, representing the favorite.

Kashiwa Reysol: The away team, listed below, and displayed in black, representing the underdog.

Bet Section:

Left column: Handicap odds of 1.0.

Right column: The odds for Yokohama F Marinos vs Kashiwa Reysol are 0.98 and 0.90 respectively.

If you bet $100 on Yokohama F Marinos, here are the possible outcomes:

If the favorite team wins by a margin of two goals or more, you will receive $100 x 1.0 = $100 (negative odds).

If the favorite team wins by only one goal, you will get your initial capital back, $100.

You will lose $100 x 0.98 = $98 if the favorite team loses or draws against the opponent.

Tips for playing Handicap 1 like a pro

Sports bettors can now have a clear understanding of what Handicap 1 Draw means through the provided information above. Additionally, here are some further tips to help you move towards victory:

Even if the reputable bookmaker Wintips offers odds of 1.0 for a match, if both teams have not been performing well recently, it's still advisable to choose the favorite team to potentially win big.

In matches where the favorite team is given a 1.0 handicap and the Over/Under odds are set at 2.75 or higher, the likelihood of the favorite team winning is higher.

When both teams are evenly matched but the bookmaker still sets the handicap odds at 1.0, be cautious as this might be a "trap." Therefore, pay attention to various factors surrounding the match to make an informed decision.

Handicap 1 Draw is no longer a challenge for newcomers thanks to the information provided above. You can rely on this knowledge and experience to apply it immediately to your next bet and win with Wintips football predictions 100 %.


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