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Face It Suicideboys MP3 [PATCHED] Download

happy halloween my guyslyrics:[shinigami]fuck what they sayill spit in they faceim all that remainsits the ballad of baphometevil takes shapeim prayin to satan to save me todaythe lord of eternal sleepsixes all over mecreepin up in your streetscant wait to see you bleedprowlin the night with no souls in my sightim takin yo bitch then im taking yo lifeim jack with the tana but cheech with the bluntnumber onemurder and torture for funi came for the pussy dont fuck w no cuntsmotherfuckers its shini and gugg he my bloodfuck this lifeim boutta cyphgrab the knifeshut off the lightsand say goodnightwhen i pull up geekinbitches shriekinbody weakensbring the demonsskulls start leakineyes roll backim on attackgrab the strapits a wrapthe bullets crackall of you motherfuckersbetter prayim murdering christarmageddon todaydeath goddeath goddeath godcorrupted and wicked my heart filled with lustfuck being holy in satan we trustyung fuckin fiend like my name michale gravesgrimworld the scum of the earth thats my gangblindfold on my face drippin blood off my fangsi am the one that which cannot be named

Face It Suicideboys MP3 Download

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