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Crazy Japanese

You only need a passing interest in world cinema to realise that no other country makes as many crazy movies as the Japanese. This is a culture which sells used underwear from vending machines and celebrates Christmas with a bucket of KFC, so it isn't surprising they approach filmmaking a little differently. Japan's unique culture is a reflection of its unique history: after centuries of isolation from the outside world, the defeat at the end of the Second World War and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was quickly followed by a huge influx of Western culture. The impact this had on Japanese cinema was enormous, with many films exploring the collective trauma of the war while simultaneously borrowing heavily from American genre movies. Japanese directors have continued to make films which explore the history and mythology of their country to this day, pushing the boundaries (and often the censors) and fusing a wild variety of influences to create some truly unique cinematic experiences. From surreal, erotic animation to disturbing tales of incest, here are ten completely batsh*t crazy Japanese movies you have to see. 10. Funky Forest: The First Contact

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Mimi Switch: Tongue control ... Who needs a touchscreen when a wink, a smile, or a protruding tongue could control an MP3 player or a major home appliance? Researchers at Japan's Osaka University are developing a hands-free remote called the "Mimi Switch," which uses facial expressions to operate electronic devices, according to a March 2009 AFP report. Actually, this idea doesn't sound crazy at all...provided you don't sneeze accidentally.Picture Credit:

Often referred to as the Grandfather of Japanese game shows, Takeshi's Castle is where Japanese game shows first earned worldwide recognition. Think of this show as a more ridiculous version of Wipeout. Takeshi Kitano (the surprisingly great director) is featured as a Count who challenges players to storm his castle and take him out. Along the way, they encounter daunting challenges and difficult obstacles. The players must navigate through crazy obstacles that more often than not end with them in mud or water.

Here at Speedhunters we try to diversify and bring you the best the worldwide car scene has to offer. And as you have probably gathered by now it's hard to top Japanese car culture, as there is really something for everyone, and then some! I have been holding on to this feature for a while now, waiting for the right moment to post it up. A while back I got a call from Andy at, telling me he had just picked up a crazy Japanese custom van at the Tokyo car auction and that I really needed to check it out.

When I got to his shop I couldn't believe what I was seeing, it looked like something out of a Gundam anime with crazy FRP wings sprouting out from everywhere. Having lived quite a long time in the Ibaraki-ken countryside during my time here in Japan has meant I have see my fair share of the whole "Vanning" culture, but I had never had the chance to take a closer look at one of these beasts until then. Andy threw me the keys and told me to take the Nissan Homy down to the banks of the local river where I would actually have enough space to move this thing around during the shoot!

All of the challenges in the DS version use the stylus exclusively, and it's pretty amazing to see some of the ideas the crazy Japanese designers have come up with for this quick-pace game. In one, players must act quick and drop a cage on top of a duck by slicing a weak rope with a quick swipe of the stylus. In another, players must copy a Japanese character displayed on the upper screen by drawing it on the lower screen. Players also have to tap certain icons in order, trace a line between a boy and a girl, separate a bunch of fruit with a sketched line...even slice fruit flung across the screen by swiping the stylus across them like a sword. Some other challenges include rubbing the stylus over a piece of paper to find a coin hidden underneath, or scratching Wario's back, or corralling sheep by dragging them into their pen with the stylus. It's very strange, but just as highly addictive as the other games in the series. 041b061a72


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